Valvola a farfalla VFTC


It’s a well-known problem of traditional butterfly valves that their limited leak-tightness ( 0.2 bar) becomes a critical issue during pneumatic conveyance, translating to either pressure drops or leaks depending on the nature of your conveyance system. The overall performance of your plant is slowed and product is dispersed in the environment.

To eliminate such problems we introduced the new Butterfly Valve VFTC, which boasts a leak-tightness up to 1.5 bar (six times higher), outside in cast iron, equipped with gasket in long-lasting anti-abrasive rubber, mechanical seal, disk in stainless steel and inductive limit switch.

Butterfly Valve VFTC guarantees faster and cleaner conveyance with no drops or leaks, and beyond. The quality of weighing on the hopper is also improved because air leakages don’t interfere with the weighing, which remain constant. Higher leak-tightness in the butterfly valve also considerably boosts the management of ATEX parameters in the hopper.

Lastly, operating temperature goes up to 100°C.

Mechanical seal and fortified gasket make the Butterfly Valve VFTC especially suitable for abrasive products such as sugar. They represent the highest value and most advanced technology on the market.

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