Operator panel


Operator panels for the automatic metering of powders and liquids, continuous or batch, positive, by loss of weight, by volume or by weight. For macro, medium and micro ingredients. Production control on multilines and silo weight control in real time.

Data histories, graphical report of consumption, lots control with barcode scanners and other such technologies.

WP 140 panel for automatic ingredient dosing. 99 recipes with 10 steps each. Up to 13 dosable ingredients including those with flowmeter. Box in satined stainless steel.

Zero control
Tolerance value for each product
Residual weight control for each component
Delay time control between one component and the other
Timeout function for each component
Automatic and manual dosing

2 speed dosing
Setting of automatic dosing cycles
Control of maximum loading weight capacity.
“Repeat last call” function
Product low level alarm in each silo
“Percentage dosing” function
“Quantity dosing” function (number of units and weight of item to produce)

Complete parametrization of recipe. Visualization and report of consumptions and stocks.

LEONARDO PC Panel touch screen color 15″ for plc application. Display 15 ” “Touch Screen”. Box in stainless steel. Serial Port. Parallel Port: Internet Port. USB port. Back up through net or via disk

The LEONARDO Control panel handles up to 4 simoultanous DOSING LINES and for each line it allows to control:
240 automatic and manual ingredients
Weighing dosing stations
Volumetrical dosing units
Multi water temperature measurement
Recipes Over 300 Recipes upgradables
Weighing accuracy: over 64.000 divisions
Timeout function for each product
Function on Time-out alarm status (skip step/restore/stop/change)
Intermediate and partial dosages
Manual Dosages
External comand for manual dosing consensus
Autotare For Each Ingredient
Zero control
Tolerance for each component
Residual weight management for each component
Management of waiting time between components
Product name configuration
Recipe name configuration
Two-speed dosing (preset)
Configurable inputs for recipe selection (1-8) for remote calls for each dosing line
repetition cycles for each dosing process
Max dosing capacity control
Set function to adjust weighing sensitivity (in case of vibrations in the system)
Slow-speed dosing for high accuracy in dosing
Maximum and minimum capacity control of hopper
Stock control
Automatic dosing of recipe in percentage
Automatic dosing of recipe per unit/pieces
Creation of production batch files
Possibility of connecting to a supervisor software if present
Setting of different measurement units
Available in different languages
Management of up to 5 lots in the same silo
Programming of production list
Pages for displaying of stocks and dosing points
Management of list of recipes (launch of a sequence of recipes in production)
Management of production lines working in continuous mode
Automatic sequential confirmation
Printing: consumption report, dosing report, recipes and stocks.
Alarm function for minimum stock for each silo
Serial output
Possibility of remotely acquiring stock quantity from weighed silo (with WP 104) in real time
Operator password on three levels (if requested)


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