Macro storage

Outdoor silos in stainless steel with vibrating cone or fluidized bed for the complete extraction of product by the first in first out principal. Locked door and inspection hatch are included. In-house design and manufacture.

Globosilos are built in dedicated tower and composed by cylinders welded together. The inner surface is entirely smooth inside to prevent the persistence of leftovers. Product extraction with fluidized bed or vibrating cone, also available with multiple extractions.

Includes: access door to the skirt, mechanic safety group for overpressure and depression, manhole in stainless steel for control of the cleaning.

The extraction system with fluidized bed is patented by CEPI.

EU standard recovering filters for powders
EU standard ladder to access the upper part and protection rail on the roof
Anti-explosion hatch
Anti-condensation & dehumidification systems
Extraction by vibrating cone or fluidized bed
Electronic control via junction box and extractor fan
Multi-line distributor
Minimum and maximum level probes
Weighing on cells and weight control in real time
CEPATIC safety system against loading overpressure
Silos conform to current EU security standards and are certified by the Bologna University on loading analysis and structural tests


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