This year’s word is growth

Dear All,

we hope you had the greatest start into the new year. Here in CEPI we are hard at work to turn our ambitious resolutions for 2018 into a reality. We are greatly expanding our productive area to bolster production and guarantee prompt reply to any demand from our customers. Both our sales and distribution networks are widening to support our forays in new markets. We have increased our partecipation to events in our industry such as fair trades and exhibitions. Our research and production team are working to develop and refine technologies to match the new needs emerging every day in all aspects of food production. We have broadened our collaborations with schools and universities to offer training and fund research.

Since inception our offer has included in-house manufacture of turn-key systems covering all production phases, and a diverse crew ready to assist through all of them. Our investment in research has set us apart as leading innovators in the field. Qualities such as these are firmly at the center of our growth, as is the involvement of our workforce in our decision-making and our commitment to health, safety and transparency. This is what we want to share with all of you who choose to entrust us with such crucial elements of their production process: a solid, dynamic organization that delivers high-quality systems at a dependable pace while continuing to pioneer innovation and cultivate a culture that inspires involvement, flexibility and boldness in our team.

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