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Pet food

Installations for all types of pet food including kibble and other dry food, canned food, moist food, semi-moist food, lyphilized food, premix and others. Quality control to ensure compliance with all relevant legislation

Hygienic and safe macro and micro storing and automated metering of lyphilized products, cereals, meat and vegetable flour, vitamines, minerali salts, proteins, fibers and others. Silos can be equipped with insulation, climatization and dehumidification systems, and loaded directly from truck, or from other silos, or from bag and big bag dumping stations. Single or multiple automated extraction and fluidization for accurate FIFO management. Sifting systems to ensure food security. Fully automated station for the storing and high precision metering of micro ingredients, liquid tanks and CIP washing system for a complete hygienization of tanks and pipes.

Customized solutions for any ingredients requiring special treatment.

Weight control in real time of all silos and dosing stations. All operations are managed by fully integrated touch panels for production control, loading, washing, climatization and maintenance of utilities and software providing full traceability.

All machinery compliant with ATEX legislation. Installations for gluten free and bio productions.