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Modular and extendable indoor silos made of panels in stainless or aluminum steel.

Indoor silos made of panels, in stainless or aluminum steel. Modular and extendable, they offers the highest flexibility in the storing of all flours and powdered ingredients.

Silbox can be equipped with fluidized bed for a complete emptying of product by the first in first out principal (FIFO), full traceability and top waste efficiency. Extraction with vibrating cone for abrasive products such as sugar and salt. Special solutions are available for cous-cous and short pasta.

Hygienic design and ATEX conform, Silbox can be assembled locally during installation.

Features & Technologies

View a 3D animation of indoor silo Silbox, its features and role in the installation.

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Conform to current EU security standards
Certified with the University of Bologna

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