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Pneumatic conveyance of powders and granular products and pumps for liquid products.

Pneumatic conveyance of powders and granular products, by suction or low pressure compression or dense phase, and mechanical conveyance with feeding screws, belts and chains. Centrifugal and volumetric pumps for liquid products. Pipes in stainless steel, insulated or heated.

Lift deviator to separate pneumatic lines, with integrated transition and all parts coming in contact with the product in stainless steel. Gravity deviators with one or more ways to discharge on hoppers and mixers.

Safety systems including overpressure valves on silos, CEPATIC system on loading, dispersing valves, magnets, pressure switches and sensors. Slide valves to stop the propagation of explosions and flames in the conveying system. Air is fully sanitised with filtering system, automatic removal of leftovers and CIP washing system.

Integrated automation of all conveyance and safety operations and control of all utilities on touch panel.

Features & Technologies



Conform to current EU security standards
Certified with the University of Bologna 

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