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Our new home 2021-07-12T15:39:29+02:00

Our new home is coming in spring 2021. It will be beautiful and, most of all, green and safe.

We started from the bottom, with few means and lots of passion. Today, we have grown and begun digging the foundations for a new home. It will be beautiful and, most of all, green and safe.

Our new home will be powered and heated by renewable energy. It will include a 430 kw/h solar system, radiant floor heating, total heat recovery, recovery of rainwater for irrigation, refills for electric cars, system high efficiency heat pumps, increased insulation and high brightness shed. It is designed to completely safeguard worker safety, with microfiltration against fine dust in the air, welding gas distribution system, lighter-weight roof and swinging hooks.

With a new 13.000 m2 factory and 2.000 m2 office space, we are doubling our production area to match the exceptional growth of the past few years. Automatic vertical warehouse, testing and prototyping room with 240 m2 metrology room, silo washing department, dedicated tower and upper parts up to 16 mt in height for the manufacture of outdoor silos, dedicated loading area, custom approved place: these are only some of the features we will be proud to share with you next spring.

When we move in our new home, we hope you will visit us.

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