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Touch panels providing production management on single or multiple lines.

Touch panels providing production management on single or multiple lines, including: recipe creation and management, ingredient and hopper parametrization, synoptic overview with maintenance of utilities.

For the management of production operations, different HMIs are provided to match diverse needs:

  • Customized 4-15’’ touch panel on Siemers or Allen Bradley platform, for non-typical processes
  • CEPI native PLC Leonardo for typical processes
  • Weighing processor WP140 with LCD display for simple one line productions
  • Local control box for weight control in real time

The automation team provides full 24/7 support which includes:

  • testing, optimization, start-up and training
  • remote support on all tools with live visualization on VPN network
  • remote management of production and intervention on the source code
  • virtual and personalized tutorials
  • live assistance with dedicated devices
  • support from local teams who are fully trained in our devices and are  part of our global network

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Conform to current EU security standards
Certified with the University of Bologna

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