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Installations for all cheese such as fresh, whey, and stretched curd cheeses, soft, semi-soft, medium-hard, semi-hard or hard cheese, soft-ripened, washed-rind, smear-ripened cheese or blue cheese among others, and yogurts such as balkan-style yogurt, swiss-style yogurt, greek yogurt, australian-style yogurt, skyr, labneh, dahi, matsoni, kefir, and lactose-free yogurt.

Highly versatile fermentation technologies such as fermenters, yeast melters and bread re-work dissolver. Liquid tanks and fully automated station for the storing and high precision metering of rennet and ferments. CIP washing system for a complete hygienization of tanks and pipes.

Customized solutions for any ingredients requiring special treatment.

Weight control in real time of all silos and dosing stations. All operations are managed by fully integrated touch panels for production control, loading, washing, climatization and maintenance of utilities and software providing full traceability.

All machinery compliant with ATEX legislation. Installations for gluten free and bio productions.