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Systems for the preparation, storage and metering of invert sugar.

Inverted sugar has extensive benefits:

  • it has a sweetening power about 20-25% higher than sucrose, highly reducing consumptions
  • it lowers the freezing point and delays crystallisation and as such, it improves the upright power of creams and makes ice cream and fillings creamier. It is very useful for icings and glazes and provides a consistent, soft centre to candies and chocolates
  • with its higher affinity for water, it can be used as humectant in cakes and similar products, and it enhances colour and flavour as well as freshness
  • it makes baking faster as well as adding softness to baked goods
  • with less crystallisation, invert sugar creates a smoother texture and improved mouth feel
  • due to the presence of free fructose and its natural affinity for fruit flavours, it is used for soft drinks as well as confectionery or bakery goods that contain fruit or are fruit flavoured
  • it gives a richer crust colour to bread and pastries as it boosts the Maillard reaction, the chemical reaction between amino acids and sugars that adds distinctive colouring and flavour to browned food
  • it is ideal for use in energy drinks and sports drinks, because fructose is more satiating and because of the added taste from glucose and fructose

The CEPI system handles the preparation, storage and metering of invert sugar. It can be fully or partially automatic depending on customer’s needs. Like all CEPI technologies, it is highly versatile and allows for both acid and enzymatic hydrolysis and complete control of parameters such as amount of water and temperature.

The system comes with a hopper for crystal sugar, heating device, production tank and exchanger with continuous recirculation, and storing tank. Invert sugar can be cooled before storing or after through an exchanger and chiller. The system includes temperature check with sensors and weighing cells, and allows for both manual or automatic feeding from the line and dosage of catalyst.

CEPI’s solution ensures shortened heating times and highly efficient mixing, delivering a homogenous blend in a very short time. The system optimizes steam, reducing waste and costs as well as production times. It standardizes and rationalizes production as well as improving the quality of the final product. With vast food technology expertise, CEPI is also able to provide support during the creation of a recipe, to find the perfect combination of process and ingredients to match the final product.

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View a 3D animation of our invert sugar technology, its features and role in the installation.

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