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Systems for the preparation, storage and metering of invert sugar.

Especially suitable for confectionary goods: inverted sugar preserves the freshness of baked goods, lengthening their shelf life. It improves the upright power of creams, delays crystallization in the production of glazes and in ice cream production, it makes the final product softer. It reduces capillary breakage in the production of biscuits, and in the production of mold-cooked biscuits it releases less residues on the mold with an improvement in the management of the line.

As well as improving the quality of the final product, inverted sugar reduces consumptions thanks a sweetening power about 20-25% higher than sucrose, allowing for significant resources saving.

The CEPI system is fully automatic and handles the preparation, storage and metering of inverted sugar. Mixing is highly efficient, delivering a homogenous blend in a very short time, and the system optimizes steam, reducing waste and costs as well as production times. Install the CEPI system for a more standardized and rational process.

Features & Technologies

View a 3D animation of our invert sugar technology, its features and role in the installation.

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