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In-house manufacture of ATEX conform components to aid transport operations and to protect against anti-explosion and contaminations.

Rotary valve

Extraction and metering machine. Suitable for all powders with flushing for abrasive products. Ensures accurate metering on pneumatic conveyance lines. Varying size and capacity. Gravity unloading available.

Butterfly valve

Extraction and locking machine that ensures leak-tightness up to a 1.5 bar. No leaks and no loss on loading. Suitable for all powders and abrasive products thanks to the gasket in long-lasting anti-abrasive rubber. Body in cast iron, disk in stainless steel, inductive limit switch, double acting pneumatic actuator and inductive limit switch. Operating temperature up to 100°c.

Lift diverter

Line diverter for pneumatic conveyance lines, with separate ways to avoid contamination in the product. Suitable for all powders.

Slide valve

Anti-explosion protection system which rapidly insulates the container to stop the propagation of the event. Can be installed on pneumatic conveyance both by suction and pressure. Suitable for all powders, including abrasive ones.


Safety system to avoid contamination from metal parts and damage to machinery removing extraneous matters from equipment installed downstream. Magnets are covered with a detachable pipe and do not come into contact with the product. Easy to clean and suitable for all powders.

Lump breaker

Extraction machine to break lumps to ensure homogeneous product in pneumatic conveyance lines. Suitable for all products that form lumps and typically used with sugar storage.

Multiline distributor

Extraction machine to distribute product from a feeding point entry up to 8 on pneumatic conveyance lines. Suitable for all powders and conform to ATEX legislation.


Tool to block overpressure created by the tank truck during silo loading. The system intercepts the overpressure and prevents breakage in the anti-explosion hatch of the silo.

Earthing clamp

System that grounds tank trucks during normal silo loading operations. The control unit analyzes resistance and overall capacity of the vehicle to allow the loading only if the clamp is connected to it.