Sourdough: healthy and fragrant products with long shelf life

Sourdough bread is tastier and more fragrant. It is also healthier: easy to digest and with a high nutritional value, it achieves a long-shelf life without preservatives. For this reason, it meets the increasing demand for food manufactured through processes that preserve and enhance the natural properties of its ingredients.

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Heat treatment: total disinfestation with zero environmental impact

We are very happy to add the sanification of outdoor silos by heat treatment to our portfolio! Total disinfestation of outdoor silos against flour pests and micro-organisms such as bacteria and fungi with zero environmental impact, as no chemicals are involved in the process. 

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Join us at iba.CONNECTING EXPERTS 2021! Visit our virtual booth to experience the bulk-handling solutions we can provide for your bakery manufacture, and get in touch with the crew to brainstorm your project or get a quote.

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Mauro Spada Master of Labour

Our warmest congratulations to Mauro Spada, who has been awarded the title of Master of Labour. We know how much he deserves it. Mauro is a great man, fantastic at his work, who has given a lot to CEPI and who is a firm part of our history.

2020-12-22T17:53:03+02:00 December 22nd, 2020|

Innovation in CEPI: heart of technology

Born from the encounter between the vision of an engineer and a manufacturer, CEPI has grown into an idea factory that puts technology squarely at the center of our work.

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Protect the unique flavour of your cereal bars

Consumed as breakfast, snacks, meal substitutes, or as energy and performance bars, cereal bars have become incredibly popular with all kinds of consumers. The CEPI dosing system for cereal bar lines delivers precision and accuracy, ensures the even spread of raw ingredients and protects the unique flavour of each recipe.

2020-11-11T12:22:12+02:00 November 9th, 2020|

PACK EXPO 2020: live, virtual, reimagined

PACK EXPO will go live on November 9! Explore our technologies, meet our people and brainstorm your project in our virtual showroom. We are closer than ever, any way we can.

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