Scrap rework: reduced consumptions and a more sustainable process

Reworking production scraps is good for the planet and for your production process, with less material consumptions and reduction of waste. On top of reducing waste and achieving a more sustainable process, reworking scraps cuts both direct and indirect costs, as both disposal and material expenses are greatly lowered. Discover CEPI's technologies for bread and biscuit rework.

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The flow of materials: automation, monitoring and safety

Tracking System provides process control, warehouse management and full traceability with production statistics and data management, as well as total information exchange through SQL database. Each type of ingredient is closely monitored throughout the storage and dosing process, producing a great amount of information on the flow of materials which can be easily shared with ERP or MES.

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Integrated automation and process control with full traceability

Designing a dosing system is a complex process that requires a close analysis of the manufacturer’s processes and detailed information that goes beyond the purely technical, involving all departments from warehouse to marketing. CEPI has refined this process to perfection, building systems that fit the diverse needs of each process and will easily accommodate future expansions.

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Bulk-handling for bread makers: customized systems and unique flavors

CEPI has developed installations for all types of bread. From hard dough bread to soft dough bread, to yeast bread, sourdough bread, leavened bread, white bread, rye or wheat bread, corn bread, soda bread and flatbreads such as piadina and pitas, we provide the solutions and the food expertise needed to best handle ingredients and processes.

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Sourdough: healthy and fragrant products with long shelf life

Sourdough bread is tastier and more fragrant. It is also healthier: easy to digest and with a high nutritional value, it achieves a long-shelf life without preservatives. For this reason, it meets the increasing demand for food manufactured through processes that preserve and enhance the natural properties of its ingredients.

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Heat treatment: total disinfestation with zero environmental impact

We are very happy to add the sanification of outdoor silos by heat treatment to our portfolio! Total disinfestation of outdoor silos against flour pests and micro-organisms such as bacteria and fungi with zero environmental impact, as no chemicals are involved in the process. 

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Join us at iba.CONNECTING EXPERTS 2021! Visit our virtual booth to experience the bulk-handling solutions we can provide for your bakery manufacture, and get in touch with the crew to brainstorm your project or get a quote.

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