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New brand for Cepi: evolution through continuity

2019-10-21T09:45:01+02:00 September 3rd, 2019|

CEPI is getting close to the 35th anniversary of its foundation. We would never have come this far without you, and we want to begin celebrations together with our new website, and a new logo meant to convey the essence of our history: an evolution through continuity, weaving experience and invention together to drive at the heart of technology, where power and flexibility meet.

The new website comes with a profound review of design and architecture, and a rich addition of new contents for you to explore. We hope you can experience intimately not just the diversity and specialization in our technologies, but also the personal, exhaustive approach we take to each project. Most of all, we hope our character will come through – as a company and as an organization bringing talented people and varied experiences together for an always reliable, always innovative, always flexible installation providing your products with the individualized care they deserve.

The new navigation is very intuitive, meant to lead you smoothly through comprehensive information about our equipment and our integrated automation systems, including technical sheets, ample visual aid such as graphics and videos, and all the details you are looking for regarding our experience with markets and ingredients, safety and hygiene concerns, and the close assistance we provide with each step of the process. Since inception, CEPI has put technology and customization at the center of our work, and our new platform is meant to express the richness of our technologies and services, and the vast amount of experience and knowledge we have gained through the years.

The new website will also enable you to follow the vibrant life of our company if you so wish. News about our innovations, events, relations with local and global operators and with our community will be available to you through a variety of channels. Check our news feed, press features and social media platforms, or register with our newsletter to stay connected.

We wanted to make it very easy for you to get in touch. Building relationships is the heart of what we do, and we would be delighted with any feedback you have, about this project or any other aspect of our work. Let’s keep evolving together.