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Launching Trevibox: a Trevira fabric silo with a fludized bed

2020-01-17T15:05:48+02:00 January 15th, 2020|

CEPI is introducing TREVIBOX to our portfolio of solutions for the storing of macro ingredients. Thanks to the integrated work of our engineering and food technology teams, Trevibox blends CEPI’s existing Silsystem and Silbox models silo into a single solution that delivers the advantages of both.

Silsystem is CEPI’s historical indoor solution in Trevira fabric. As well as reducing costs, fabric solutions are more customizable than steel or alluminium solutions, and the antistatic properties in the Trevira fabric prevent the formation of static electricity, ensuring production safety. Trevira fabric lets the product breathe and creates a greater balance between temperatures of environment and product.

The Trevibox model includes all these features and adds the advantages of the Silbox silo. The addition of a fluidized bed allows for chronological extraction through a FIFO logic, which greatly enhances the traceability process. Trevibox has a higher capacity in all metering processes, including metering by pressure, and provides multiple extraction without bridges.  The flour oxygenation operated by the fluidized bed leads to a crucial improvement in the quality of the flour, with a faster but natural maturation that improves the flour’s rheological properties without using additives. Fluidized flour is much better for breadmaking, with better responses to all treatments from dough preparation to fermentation. The dough is more elastic and easier to work, absorbing water more easily and keepsing gas in during leavening. Bread made from well oxygenated flour is softer and more digestible.

In short, the Trevibox model offers:

  • Antistatic properties 
  • Structural flexibility
  • Reduced costs
  • Balance between environment and product
  • Fluidized bed and FIFO management
  • Flour oxygenation

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